Why Medical Malpractice Happens

You never want to think about what could go wrong when you see a doctor. The expectation is that you are going to get the care you pay for to help the issue you are having. However, this is not always the case. Injuries may happen during medical care and treatment that may result in fatalities. Of course, this is not intentional or done maliciously. Regardless, you are entitled to compensation if you or a loved one suffer due to medical negligence. An aggressive Tulsa medical malpractice attorney can help fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.
In a field where doctors are dedicated to the care, health, and safety of their patients, it’s not out of the ordinary to wonder why medical malpractice happens.
  • Healthcare Workers Get Tired – Hospital staff already work very long shifts and are overworked to begin with. Studies show that fatigued doctors and nurses make more medical errors than those that get enough sleep between shifts. This is no real surprise. Medical professionals that put in over 80 hours have seen a greater than 60% increase in injuries.
  • Not Obtaining Consent – There are some cases where patients do not have all information necessary to make a decision about a procedure. Patients should be informed about any risks involved with treatment before making the decision to proceed. Improper notice shows a great disregard for patients care.
  • Misdiagnosis – This can happen for several reasons. Lack of knowledge, experience, or testing may result in a failure to diagnose or a complete misdiagnosis. Regardless of the reason, injuries may result when doctors fail to treat the proper condition.
  • Surgical Errors And Injuries – Failure to take into account pre-existing health conditions, lack of pre-op or post-op care are a few ways surgical injuries happen. These injuries can be life altering for patients.

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