Most Common Personal Injury Claims In Tulsa

Every year there are tens of millions of personal injury lawsuits filed across the United States. Not every case is filed for the same reason, however they are all due to accidents and negligence. While unintentional, the affected party has a right to compensation for this. It is no different in Oklahoma. We are going to cover some of the most common personal injury claims in Tulsa below.

Car Wrecks

Car wrecks are by far the most common personal injury claim. And these are not restricted to just cars. It can be Trucks, motorcycles, buses, or even pedestrians. The results of these accidents can also be from drunk driving, inattentive driving, or just careless and reckless driving. It is often difficult to prove liability for these accidents which is what makes it so important to have reliable representation.

Slipping and Falling

One of the more dangerous accidents is slipping and falling. The extent of the injuries is not always visible right away. And the damage caused can lead to a person being out of work for weeks and months at a time. Brain and hip injuries from these accidents can affect a person for the rest of their life.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims cover a wide variety of topics. Improper care can come from doctors, nurses, and medical staff. It can be birth injuries, surgical mistakes, improper diagnosis and more. While these are unintentional mistakes, they carry a range of negative impacts on one’s life.

Physical Assault

Many people do not know that you can file personal injury claims as a result of being physically assaulted. When one person decides to harm another person in such a way that it results in severe damages, the victim has rights to compensation. Hiring a Tulsa personal injury attorney like Richard Shallcross is the way to go to recover any damages you are owed.
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