Oklahoma Birth Injuries

There are many different kinds of birth injuries, as well as different consequences. Ranging from very small injuries, to ones that lead to permanent disability. These can often lead to a lifetime of medical treatment and long term care. Lets take a look at some Oklahoma birth injuries and their causes.

Do No Harm

The vast majority of doctors are very caring people. They have every intention of providing the best care and treatment that they can to their patients. That doesn’t always mean that accident’s don’t happen. It is not unheard of to see traumatic deliveries, improper use of equipment, and failure to diagnose fetal conditions.

What Can Happen?

For example, let’s look at cerebral palsy. This condition happens when there is a brain injury during birth. This abnormality affects the muscles and nervous system. Physicians can misread or misinterpret fetal monitoring equipment, which leads to missing the diagnosis. Waiting too long to perform a c-section or misuse of forceps can all also cause injuries that lead to this.
Spinal cord injuries – This can also come from hyperextension and stress during birth.
Brain damage – This is also caused by birth injuries such as a lack of oxygen, infection, or brain bleeding during birth.

Representing You In Court

Representing the families of birth injury victims in court can be complex. Not only due to the legal skills involved, but the information from medical and scientific experts as well. We may be able to get the professionals such as doctors and nurses to provide what is needed to prove who is at fault for the birth injuries. Gathering this evidence is crucial to helping you with your case.
Our offices will seek out the experts you need to help you with your Oklahoma birth injury case. Call the offices of Richard A. Shallcross and Associates to help you today.


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