Breach Of Contract

No matter if you are a consumer or business professional, contracts hold deals together and let us move forward with peace of mind. A contract ensures us that a business will deliver the product or service it promised. But, the contract also makes sure the business gets paid for its product or services. A breach of contract costs the victim a lot of money. If the breach causes you to lose money, the law refers to it as a cause of action. An action that gives you the right to file a lawsuit.

Cause of Action for Consumers

As a consumer, you need to know you are getting the products or services for which you pay. For example, you want to know the construction contractor you hired uses the materials listed in the contract. If the contractor uses a less durable material and you face structural damage as a result, you may pursue damages in court.

Cause of Action for Businesses

You need to know your customers will pay you on time, and you could face a lot of trouble if they don’t. When a customer does not make a payment or otherwise breaches a signed contract, you have a right to seek damages to compensate for your trouble.
You have a right to reimbursement for damages in civil court. Shallcross & Associates know the in’s and out’s of civil procedure. From civil contracts to personal injury, our associates are here to help. Give us a call today.
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