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Semitractor-trailers are the biggest vehicles on the road. A fully loaded truck can weigh more than 40 tons. In contrast, most passenger vehicles weigh two tons. This weight disparity ensures that any time a truck collides with another motor vehicle, serious injury or even death will be the result. The Tulsa law firm of Richard A. Shallcross & Associates is dedicated to protecting the rights of truck accident victims throughout Oklahoma. We help you get the just compensation that you deserve.
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There are a number of crucial differences between truck accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. You cannot afford to have a lawyer who is not fully aware of these differences. For instance, truck accidents often involve many different parties who share liability for the accident. The owner of the truck and the owner of the trailer may be different companies. If maintenance problems contributed to the truck’s failure, the company responsible for maintaining the truck may be liable. In short, you need someone who can sort through the evidence to find every possible source of compensation.

Another potential complicating factor is that liability insurance companies defend truck accidents all the time. These insurance companies do not care about you. They will do anything and everything to deny your claim and minimize your payment. If you do not have someone on your side who can take the fight to the trucking companies and their insurers, you will not recover the compensation that Justice requires.

Our law firm will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident and gather the necessary evidence to tell the story of your accident and injuries to a Jury. We understand that you will have serious medical problems after your truck accident. Making sure our clients get proper medical care after their truck accident is an important part of every case.

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