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Oklahoma Hospitals usually do not employ the physicians who treat patients at their facility. Oklahoma hospitals usually do employ the nurses and technicians who care for patients. All too frequently, hospital employees make mistakes that cause injury or death to their patients.

The most frequent kinds of hospital errors are these:

  • Medication errors
  • Failure to adequately monitor patients
  • Failure to do that which was ordered by the physician
  • Failure to respond timely to patient requests for assistance
  • Failure to take and monitor patient vital signs (i.e. pulse, respiratory rate, temperature).
  • Failure to timely respond to medical emergencies
  • Improper intravenous (IV) catheterizations, and improper intra-muscular (IM) injections
  • Failure to timely turn patient to prevent pressure ulcers on the skin

These nursing and technician errors can happen in any of the departments of the hospital, including the Emergency Department; Intensive Care Unit (ICU); the orthopedic floor; the neurosurgery floor; the labor and delivery ward; the neonatology unit; or the rehabilitation floor.

Hospitals, like the physicians who practice in the hospitals, seldom are willing to accept responsibility for their mistakes. If a hospital employee errors in their care of you or a family member, you need to have an attorney.

Richard A. Shallcross, a Tulsa hospital negligence lawyer, has been representing injured and deceased patients for 30 years in connection with their claims of negligence against the hospitals in Oklahoma and Arkansas. He is experienced in analyzing claims; retaining appropriate expert witnesses to prove your claims; and preparing and trying such claims to jury.

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