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You have worked hard your entire life. Everything that you have achieved will be your legacy. The purpose of a Tulsa Estate Planning Lawyer is to help protect that when you are gone. To make sure that your wishes are followed. Richard Shallcross wants to help make sure that you maintain control of that legacy you have worked so hard for.
No one wants their family to be burdened with having to sort these things out. They will already be dealing with your loss, funeral arrangements, and any other matters. More than half of the population does not prepare a will by the time the die. Creating confusion for their loved ones. It is very easy to set up a simple will and testament to take care of all these things. With a will and trust you can lay out control and ownership of you belongings, determine guardianship if needed, and save your family on taxes. An estate planning attorney can also help prevent outrageous transfer costs, and help with medical bills.

Tulsa Probate Lawyer

The probate process is a bit more difficult, but can be navigated with the right Oklahoma probate attorney. Through filing all of the proper documents, your lawyer can also act as the executor of your estate. Working as your personal representative, your attorney can distribute assets, locate any heirs, and settle debts that may be left behind. The first step is naming an executor and asking the court to recognize that executor. Before naming a representative, the court challenges the validity of a will to determine heirs.
After this decision, the next step is creating an inventory. All assets, debts, medical costs, and legal expenses. The attorney may due this in order to make sure everything is satisfied with the court. This will ensure the transfer of all properties and assets to the appointed heirs.

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