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A serious car wreck can change your life. In an instant, good health can vanish, replaced by a long period (or a lifetime) of debilitating pain and disfigurement. Your damages may include hospital and doctor bills – past and future; lost wages; pain and suffering; permanent scaring and disfigurement; and diminishment in the quality of your life. Your spouse may also possess a claim for his or her loss of spousal companionship and consortium.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or killed because of the negligence of another driver, the law requires that you be fully compensated for your loss. You need an attorney who will conduct a thorough investigation of your car crash, and who will collect the evidence that you need to support your claim in court – to include finding and retaining the expert witnesses who are competent to testify on crash mechanics, and on the on bio-mechanics of injury or death.

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Attorney Richard Shallcross has practiced law in Oklahoma since 1982, during which time he has prosecuted to verdict and judgment (or settled) more than 250 car wreck injury claims. He knows what questions to ask and what experts to call upon to prove the liability of the other driver, and to prove your damages. His undergraduate college degree in Mechanical Engineering enables him to provide you with the best possible courtroom presentation of the re-construction of your car crash; the bio-mechanics of your injury; and the proof of the other driver’s liability for your loss. Our Firm is trained to represent people who have been injured or killed in all kinds of highway accidents, including:

  • Auto accidents caused by the negligence of any other person
  • Auto accidents caused by taverns, restaurants and other “hosts” who pour liquor for patrons who thereafter drive drunk
  • Auto/pedestrian collisions
  • Auto/bicycle collisions
  • Work-related automobile or truck accidents
  • Car wrecks caused by the police while in “hot pursuit” of a criminal suspect
  • Auto accidents caused by hit-and-run drivers
  • Auto accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers

Automobile liability insurance companies are never willing to pay you fully and completely for your injuries. Automobile liability insurance companies do not care if you do not receive a just result for your injury. They are only interested in maximizing profits for their shareholders, which means paying you as little as possible on your damage claim. That is why you need an attorney, and why you should have us to represent you. For the past 30 years, the investigative work-up and trial skills of Richard Shallcross have been effective in obtaining Justice for car wreck victims throughout Oklahoma.

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