Unfortunately, getting from one place to another is never an entirely safe proposition. That being said, all auto acccidents are not created equal. Acccidents involving a motorcycle, for instance, are statistically more likely to result in a serious injury than those involving auto mobiles alone. In this brief article, we’ll explore a few of the most common, and most dangerous, types of car accidents.

Roll overs

All cars can potentially flip when hit, although so called “roll overs” are much more common with top heavy SUV and minivan type vehicles. Roll overs are considered among the worst kinds of accidents because the occupants of the rolling vehicle are exposed to significant internal injuries caused when their organs shift around violently each time the vehicle turns over.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are among the worst kinds of car wrecks because of the proximity of the impact to the vehicle’s occupants. A head-on collision involves one car running “nose to nose” into another. When this happens, the engine is often pushed violently towards the occupants, who are themselves thrown forward. People are routinely trapped in their vehicles after this kind of collision, which can delay potential rescue attempts which in turn can lead to serious injuries such as compartment syndrome and others not always associated with a car accident.

Side Impacts

A side impact, also known as a “t-bone,” happens when one vehicle strikes another in the midsection. These often happen when cars run red lights or stop signs and hit other vehicles as they attempt to pass through intersections their drivers assume are safe and clear. These make this list because there is often little separating the impacting vehicle from the injured occupant other than a few inches of metal and glass.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are bad by nature. Because motorcyclists don’t have the inches of metal and glass referenced above, they are far more exposed. Motorcyclists are subject to the same violent forces discussed in the roll over section, and because motorcycles do not have safety belts like cars do, their drivers are often thrown violently from the crash.
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