People who qualify for disability are no longer capable of working. Social Security disability income (SSDI) is awarded to individuals with physical or mental impairments that are permanent or long lasting. Further, a doctor must diagnose the condition.

Conditions That Qualify for Social Security Disability

Qualifying conditions are things like back injuries, cancer, liver disease and heart failure. In addition, problems such as vision or hearing loss, asthma, depression and even anxiety are eligible. Beyond that, government literature lists autism, intellectual disability, lupus, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome as conditions that qualify. To access disability information from the official government “Blue Book,” go to the Listing of Impairments page at the Social Security website.

Certainly, any medical or mental issue that keeps you from working full time could potentially qualify you for SSDI. If a doctor determines you can no longer work because of a legitimate physical or mental issue, the condition does not have to be listed in government literature. But, claims do require thorough documentation of your medical situation.

Children do not qualify for SSDI. However, benefits do transfer to minor children upon death. Whether the child is disabled or not, 50% of the deceased parent’s benefit is paid until the child reaches the age of 19.

What Should You Do?

Without a doubt, the process of applying for disability can be overwhelming. As a result, it helps to have a few allies on your side. Working with your physician and a disability attorney will improve your odds of being awarded benefits. Your doctor establishes your medical condition. The best Tulsa social security disability attorneys do the rest. And so, if you are filing for SSDI, get a lawyer. Experienced attorneys will file the paperwork for you and work your case through to approval.

If you need legal assistance applying for social security disability, contact Richard A. Shallcross and Associates now. Tulsa’s top legal team is looking forward to talking with you.

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