What are a Few of the Top Law Blogs of 2020?

There are thousands of law blogs online. With so many informational sites, it is good to know which are the best law blogs of 2020. Law blogs are referenced by legal experts, law students and citizens alike. And so, we’ve compiled a brief review of five top national law blogs. Let’s get started discussing each site.

Above the Law – Above the Law is a top notch legal web site. With it, you get an insider’s view of the legal system. The site is filled with original content, news and useful legal information. It also includes a number of opinion articles.

Lawyerist – Lawyerist is a collection of independent lawyers. In fact, it is the largest community of its type. The blog is concerned with sharing best practices. Further, there is an emphasis on supporting the growth and development of community members. Articles discuss the road-map to legal and business success.

Law and Liberty – Law and Liberty hosts a blog that is as much political as legal. From a classical liberal point of view, the site presents reviews, essays, and educational material. The blog contains a podcast with an archive. Legal and political issues are presented. In addition, the site has a series of posts on classical liberalism.

The Crime Report – The Crime Report is a criminal justice blog. The blog is focused on criminal justice news. In addition, The Crime Report presents criminal justice research. And so, posts are offered on issues such as the legalization of cannabis.

The Expert Institute – The Expert Institute connects top tier legal teams with expert witnesses of all kinds. The site has expert information on the effective use of expert witnesses in court.


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