Negotiating with an insurance company following a personal injury can be a frustrating experience for the typical injured victim. Insurance company claims adjusters are infamous for using borderline bad faith tactics when offering claim settlements. While this practice is commonly perceived negatively, there could be specific reasons the insurance company representatives are being so frugal when offering a case settlement.

Personal Situation

Many injured claimants contact the responsible insurance provider immediately following an accident. In Oklahoma, this is typically the company providing coverage for the individual who is at fault. Insurance claims adjusters always ask a number of questions when the claim is reported, often looking for reasons to deny or lessen the value of a claim. Many times the devaluation attempt is based on personal information that indicates an injured claimant will accept a low settlement out of financial need. Your auto accident attorney from Shallcross Law will understand when this is happening and will know how to craft a case for bad faith dealing by the company.

Comparative Negligence

Regardless of the type of accident injury claim being filed, one of the central questions in an investigation is personal contribution to causing the injuries. Insurance companies commonly claim the injured party was significantly responsible for their own injury because all total damages available will be discounted by the final determined personal contribution percentage. In addition, Oklahoma state law requires the comparative negligence percentage to be lower than 51%, so the final outcome pf a case that goes to trial could be a case dismissal based on personal contribution.

Your legal representative from Shallcross & Associates understands when insurance providers are purposely offering a low settlement, and they can conduct a separate accident investigation on your behalf for a strong counter claim. Call us at 918-592-1645 or contact us today for a full free evaluation of your personal injury case.

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