Settling a car accident injury claim can be a complicated legal process in Oklahoma when responsibility for the accident is not obvious. All drivers in an auto accident in Oklahoma are evaluated for personal contribution to causation, which can greatly impact an insurance settlement claim in an “at fault” system state. Injured drivers in Oklahoma who are found to be over 50% at fault for the wreck can be barred from receiving any compensation unless they carry personal injury protection on their personal auto policy. There is actually potential for injury claims with both a personal insurance provider as well as other negligent drivers who are largely at fault. Because of these possible legal issues, it is always advisable to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands what to expect from the other parties and insurance companies.

Reporting the Accident

Before filing a car accident insurance claim it is always imperative to contact the local police authorities if there is no accident report. The accident report will list who was involved, who was injured, and the official determination of causation. These items will be vital in establishing an insurance claim. The appropriate insurance company will use the accident report and conduct their own investigation to determine responsibility to cover the damages. For injuries resulting from a non-immediate accident, the date of the accident must be within two years.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Insurance claims adjusters are trained professional negotiators who know well when they think they can avoid a claim. One of the first steps will be interviewing the claimant, which will give an idea of how difficult the insurance provider will be in settling the claim. While it is acceptable to make the initial contact personally, it is never a good idea to handle the claim without legal counsel because the claim may be much more valuable than realized. Insurance companies are infamous for using bad faith bargaining tactics, and a seasoned personal injury lawyer will know when this is happening.

Anyone who has been injured in an accident in Oklahoma should contact Tulsa personal injury lawyer Shallcross & Associates for a comprehensive evaluation of your accident claim potential.

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