Wills And Estate Law Process

Although it is difficult to consider the end of your life, getting your assets in order can give you peace of mind now. Plus, preparing your estate takes a major burden off your family and successors to your assets.

Do You Need a Will?

Wills are not just for people in their 80’s. Instead, they are for anyone who has a positive net worth. They are also particularly important for married adults and adults who have children.

What Is Probate Court?

Keep in mind that even if you have a will, your estate still goes through probate upon your death. Probate court takes care of the following matters.
-Appoints an executor or administrator -Notifies creditors -Produces an inventory of assets -Pays bills and funeral costs -Transfers titles

How Can You Best Manage Your Estate?

It is vital to get a will set up as soon as possible because you never know when your life could change. Although you find many DIY wills online, an attorney from Shallcross and Associates can best support you. We offer complimentary consultations as well as full legal care to ensure that your wishes carry out perfectly after your death.
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