Birth Injuries and Malpractice

Can You Claim Medical Malpractice for Birth Injuries? In the majority of cases, labor and delivery goes smoothly, and babies are born without complications. However, injuries during birth are serious. And are even more concerning when you can trace them back to careless mistakes on the part of health care practitioners.

What Are Common Birth Injuries?

The most common birth injuries include the following:
-Bone fractures -Soft tissue bruising -Bleeding beneath the cranium -Facial paralysis

Are These Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice?

Most of the time, these injuries are not caused by errors or from poor medical practice but by the following:
-Premature birth -Abnormal birthing presentation, such as breech -Prolonged labor -Large birth weight
However, occasionally, an error in judgment on the part of the doctor, a wrong medication or a failure to care for the mother and child properly can result in medical malpractice. A lawsuit will address these problems.

Do You Have Legal Recourse?

Although some parents feel reluctant to start a lawsuit, this decision actually has several benefits. Working with Shallcross Law can help you pay for future medical care that your child may need, return money for emotional distress, pay back lost wages and reduce much stress.
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