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Learn More About Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer Richard A. Shallcross

Attorney Richard Shallcross has practiced law in Oklahoma courts since 1982. Richard and his experienced staff are prepared to handle a wide range of cases, from personal injury claims to workers’ compensation, from Social Security Disability claims to disputes against insurance companies.

Richard Shallcross

Richard Shallcross


Richard Shallcross has been practicing law in Oklahoma for more than 30 years. His practice is dedicated to the representation of injured patients, consumers, and employees against those who cause them injury or death. Most of his legal practice consists of the representation of patients who seek justice for medical errors committed upon them by physicians and hospitals, and other complex civil litigation. Read More

Emily Baenziger


Emily Baenziger has been assisting Richard Shallcross in all matters of this Law Firm’s business for the past six years. Presently she is the para-legal for all of the Law Firm’s Social Security Disability practice. She also assists with the preparation for trial of many of this Law Firm’s medical malpractice claims. In August 2005, Emily was awarded a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of Tulsa. Emily was one of the top three students in her class, graduating with honors. Emily is also a graduate of St. Gregory’s University in Tulsa where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2007. Emily is a member of the Tulsa Area Paralegal Association and of the National Association of Legal Assistants and Paralegals.

Kasey Davis


Kasey has been working for Shallcross & Associates for a year and a half. She had previously worked for 3 years at another Tulsa law firm. She is the paralegal on most of this Firm’s workers’ compensation cases. Kasey is also the paralegal assigned to the orthopedic and neurosurgery cases in this office, providing research, analysis, and case work-up on these important claims.

Our firm is interesting in helping you with your injury claim. We handle most all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, you do not have to pay attorney fees unless we help you recover compensation for your injuries. Call 918-592-1645 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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