A nursing home isn’t going to advertise the fact that they act negligently towards residents. Instead, the signs of nursing home negligence are often subtle. Here are five common signs of nursing home negligence:

1. Unexplained injuries

When a personal injury occurs, the nursing home should be upfront about how it happened. They shouldn’t try to hide the cause of an injury or leave out important details. When staff is evasive and they won’t answer questions about how a personal injury occurred, it’s a sign of negligence.

2. Limited contact

A nursing home may try to limit a resident’s contact with families and friends. Limiting contact is a red flag. A nursing home should encourage involvement from friends and family. When they try to cut off loved ones, a nursing home may be neglecting its residents.

3. A lack of mobility aids

Each resident in a nursing home should be mobile as much as they are able to be. If they can walk with a walker or cane, the nursing home should provide them with what they need. Failing to provide mobility aids is a warning sign of nursing home neglect.

4. Psychological changes

Is your loved one suddenly withdrawn or depressed? Are they less talkative than they used to be? Psychological changes can be a sign of trouble. Don’t ignore the warning signs that come directly from your loved one.

5. A lack of personal hygiene

Nursing home residents sometimes need help with tasks for daily living. Your loved one should be able to brush their teeth, comb their hair and bathe regularly. When residents look disheveled, it can be a sign of neglect. A general lack of hygiene or changes in your loved one’s daily grooming habits might be a sign that the nursing home isn’t giving them the care that they need and deserve under the law. Contact Richard A. Shallcross & Associates at 918-592-1645 today!

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